Working Together, Living Better


May 14 - May 16, 2021



The Tourette Association of America hosted the 2021 Virtual Conference for the Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorder community on May 14 – 16, 2021. Focusing on Working Together and Living Better, the three-day event offered a comprehensive Research Symposium, a Newly Diagnosed Seminar, and nearly 60 highly engaging educational programs for our community to learn, engage and connect with each other. In addition, there was accredited programming offered for education and health professionals to expand knowledge of the disorder to improve treatment and care.

The TAA relies on private funding and sponsorships to host events such as these. The Conference will be offered free of charge, please consider making a financial gift to support these efforts.



DAy 1

Research Symposium


Newly Diagnosed Seminar

The Present and Future of Therapeutics in TS

Conference Launch


Keynote - Ross Greene

Tourettic OCD: Exploring the Tourette/OCD Interface

Understanding Oppositional Behavior

OCD with TS

Emotional Overload: Understanding Non-Tic Behaviors in Tourette Syndrome


Integrating Creative Strategies to Enhance CBIT Treatment Engagement

Translating Evidence-based Interventions into Clinical Practice

Tourette Syndrome and Young Children



Tourette 101 for the Community Practitioner

What Am I Missing? IEP/504 Plan Process Simplified

Musical Performance -

Anilee List & James Durbin


Raising Tourettes: A Family Perspective for Educators

Dealing with Employment

Tourette & Law Enforcement 

Handwriting Deficits in children with Tic Disorders


Oliver Sacks: His Own Life Filmmaker Talkback

Classroom Strategies and Accommodations 

The Diverse Experience of Living with Tourette Syndrome


Taking Control: Daily Strategies

Instructional Teaching Strategies to Support Students with Tourette Syndrome and ADHD, Anxiety, and Executive

Function Needs

Mother and Daughter Using Laptop


At the heart of this event is connecting and learning from each other. The virtual lounge was open to join open discussions, participate in events, and discover new strategies.



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