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National conference

8:30AM-5:30PM EST (Separate Event): Research Symposium
6:00PM EST: National Conference Opening Party

8:30AM EST:

  • TS 101 & Intros (Youth Only)

  • Expressing TS Through Art (Youth Only)

  • The Present and Future of Therapeutics for Tourette Syndrome

  • Little-Known Learning Challenges with Big Impact

  • Political Advocacy and You!

  • Making an Impact in the Workplace with Tourettes

10:30AM EST:

  • When and Who to Tell (Youth Only)

  • Disorder in the Court! Chess & TS (Youth Only)

  • Developing a wearable therapeutic device for suppressing the urge-to-tic in Tourette syndrome: recent progress and future plans

  • Self-Advocacy Through Role-Playing Games

  • Harnessing Your Strengths to Beat Your TS

  • IEP/504: Federal Education Laws Simplified

2:15PM EST:

  • Understanding and Managing Tics at School

  • TikTok Tics: The Next Pandemic?

  • College & Career Readiness

  • CHAO-Tic: Choosing Healthy Activities

  • Dating and Relationships with TS

4:00PM EST:

  • Managing Coprolalia Day to Day: A Group Discussion

  • Beyond Treating Tics: Management of Co-Occurring Psychiatric Conditions

  • What I Wish My Parents, Teachers, and Doctors Would Have Known

  • The Impact: Managing Relationships and Self-Care for Parents

  • Navigating Transition


8:30AM EST:

  • Managing Stress and Anxiety at School (Youth Only)

  • Take The Wheel (Youth Only)

  • Intrusive-Destructive Behaviors

  • DotheImpossible: Resilience

  • Encouraging Great Behaviors in Great Kids

  • When Tourettes is Weird

10:00AM EST:

  • Living with OCD (Youth Only)

  • 20 Years of CBIT

  • The Intersection Between Tourettes & Culture

  • Icebergs and Chisels: Navigating Tourettes, Tics, and Co-Occuring Conditions

  • Experience the World through Study Abroad

11:30AM EST:

  • Wonderful Fully Awesome Amazing You! (Youth Only)

  • Integrating CBIT with the DNA-V Model to Address Tics and Co-morbidities in Treatment

  • Tourette Science Study Hour

  • To Tell or Not to Tell: Disclosure Panel

  • Managing Stress and Anxiety at School